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DJenkins '68 el Camino

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Big milestone! Finished dis-assembly and got the body and frame delivered for acid dipping.

Metalworks in Eugene, OR has a great rep and I was immediately impressed with the care they took in handling the car and parts during the drop off. They are going to do a great job!

Project will get a lot more fun from here on out as it is re-assembly with clean and/or new parts!

Year and Model: 1968 el Camino
Engine Specs and Modifications: Will be GM performance crate Big Block, probably ZZ502
Drivetrain Specs and Modifications: Will be Speedway or Currie 9 inch housing with 3:40 Posi. GM performance auto trans (probably - my son is trying to talk me into 5 speed)
Suspension Specs and Modifications: QA1 level 3 suspension package
Exterior Specs and Modifications: Will be stock(ish) sheet metal. Adding SS hood and badging. Black with white '69 style SS stripes
Interior Specs and Modifications: Stock black vinyl with upgraded buckets and adding console
Electrical Specs and Modifications: All new, upgraded wiring harness
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Your 68 looks good and straight. Best of luck on your build. Looking forward to seeing your accomplishments.
Great job. Making good progress.
It's looking good. Nice job 👍.
Great job on it. It's looking sharp.
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I agree, it's looking great.
Awesome job. Looks great.
It's looking very nice. Good job.
You are making progress. Excellent work. Looking good.
It looks awesome. You are doing a great job.
It's looking great. You are doing an awesome job.
Very awesome, you've did a great job on it.
Great idea. Very cool.
Very interesting, it looks awesome. Nice work.
It looks great. Nice job on it.
Very nice, you are doing a great job on it.
It looks like you are making good progress on your body work.
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