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DJenkins '68 el Camino

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Big milestone! Finished dis-assembly and got the body and frame delivered for acid dipping.

Metalworks in Eugene, OR has a great rep and I was immediately impressed with the care they took in handling the car and parts during the drop off. They are going to do a great job!

Project will get a lot more fun from here on out as it is re-assembly with clean and/or new parts!

Year and Model: 1968 el Camino
Engine Specs and Modifications: Will be GM performance crate Big Block, probably ZZ502
Drivetrain Specs and Modifications: Will be Speedway or Currie 9 inch housing with 3:40 Posi. GM performance auto trans (probably - my son is trying to talk me into 5 speed)
Suspension Specs and Modifications: QA1 level 3 suspension package
Exterior Specs and Modifications: Will be stock(ish) sheet metal. Adding SS hood and badging. Black with white '69 style SS stripes
Interior Specs and Modifications: Stock black vinyl with upgraded buckets and adding console
Electrical Specs and Modifications: All new, upgraded wiring harness
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Those two square holes that go into the rear inner fender. Mount a electric fan in each side. Then put a screen on top of the plastic storage container. Flip the switch and it will pull all kinds of air through the vents and windows while in traffic while drying the inner fenders and roof when in the rain... You have to put little spacers on the two access panels at the tail lights for the air to exit..

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Always interested in more air. Are you speaking about the the small square holes on the L and R of the inner fenders inside the smugglers box? I'm at the point in my restoration where I could do that... Thanks!
That is so cool! That was a huge day. Nice work.
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Wow! That looks fantastic. You can be proud of that "one off " solution.
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