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I was watching a home show with my wife, the subject was mold remediation. The contractors pulled out an amazing machine - a dry ice blaster!!!

Yup, it uses dry ice (frozen CO2) like sand or soda media and propels it with compressed air to remove, in this instance, a very fine layer of wood and the mold attached. The beauty is that the only thing leftover from the blasting is the removed material. The actual blasting media returns to its gas form.

On Wikipedia

Explanation by a manufacturer of equipment

Another company, more info

Has anyone heard of this? Used this? It's got to be expensive, but I thought it was interesting so I'm bringing up for discussion.

Actually, I know this process very well and in an industrial setting
I work at the BMW factory in SC and we use this to clean one of our PVC application booths.
(This is where the vehicle is overhead and they spray the PVC undercoating)
Needless to say, the inside of this booth and its grating system is a nightmare to clean
Over the years we've used many methods from external contractors who have used chemicals, solvents, etc. We even built an in-house pressure washer booth (50,000+ psi!).
Our current solution is a Dry-Ice / Pressure Wash System and we do the booth and grating in place. It freezes the PVC and then knocks it off.
Sweet solution and system
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