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I drove 55 miles to Desert Valley junkyard in Phoenix... they were really bunch of scam arist... sure it was cool to walk around in the 100 degree heat looking for what seems to be eternity of junked cars on top of eachtoehr..

What good is storing classic cars if uve got cars sitting on top of other cars (crushing them below)...

anyways back to the point, picked up a set of front turn signals, and a set of fenders as well as some stuff...

This is for those 82/83+ elkys just remember the earlier 5th gens dont have the marker lamps on the side of the fender... I wasted $175 on my current fenders when igot home and realized i needed the ones with the lens on side grrrrrr:poke:

the front signals lens didnt even fit it was WAY too taller... so i'm out $200... thanks to desert valley dudes!! They even made me tip their worker $10 for picking up some stuff that was already sitting inside the car!

I know I'm probably gonna be told it isnt their fault, but they're supposedly the EXPERTS!! They didn't have any 83+ elky at ALL in their yard *far as i know* but like 10 of 78-82 elkys!! thats why i didnt notice it til i got home and saw the car
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