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Replace that tired looking, non functioning Cruise Control switch in less than 15 minutes using a few tools and piece of mechanics wire.

First remove the drivers side hush panel and lower steering column cover and locate the three (82-83) or four (84-88) pin cruise switch connector.​

Unplug the connector and you will notice a small 1/16 hole on the flat. Route a piece of mechanics wire, (about three feet) through the hole and twist.​

Now, grab hold of the cruise switch and pull it straight out of its socket.​

Next, pull the switch wiring though the column guiding the mechanics wire along with it.​

Once you have the mechanics wire all the way through the column, cut or untwist the wire and connect to the new switch in the same fashion as before.​

You may now pull the mechanics wire back down through the column while guiding the new switch wiring down with it.​

Viola! You now have a slick new Cruise switch to complete your restoration or to just get the cruise working again.​
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