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I see some beautiful El Caminos/GMCs posted for consideration for an ECC/NECOA calendar.

I've sent Robert an article on "Tips For Photographing Your Car", it's from a British Auto Magazine, but hey, just overlook their misspellings. :lol:

Submissions for the final calendar photo should be high resolution (greater than 800 pixels if you are using a digital camera or a 5x7 or larger print if you used an SLR camera).

No other cars, people, telephone poles growing out of your windshield, no parking space stripes reflecting off the side of the car body, sun in the correct position to the car (overcast day or early morning or dusk is best time). Use the flash (forced flash) to fill shadows. Wide angle lens is best. Zoom to fill the frame with the car. Shoot from waist level is usually best. 3/4 view is usually best.

Didn't notice any 4th gen El Camino/GMCs in the submission, yet.

Go ahead and submit those photos. If you need someone to scan a photo for you, just mail it to: NECOA, P.O. Box 15943, Chattanooga, TN 37415

I'm getting excited about owning an Elky calendar with pictures of vehicles from my friends on ECC.

Who knows, we may get enough pics to do calendars for the next two years.

Anyone else got any comments or suggestions about the proposed calendar?
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