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I have a few days off from work. This time spent was devoted to getting my 72 sprint back on the road. days and evenings working on the vehicle nights and wee hours of the morning surfing this site seeking knowledge .thanks to all who take the time to share. I will admit i was disappointed in the replies as far as will a windshield from a wagon fit my truck. not so much as a WOW man i haven't a clue. being a introvert I am cool with that.instead of a quick reply i was able to spend hours going through old post learning things that i was unaware i needed to know THANKS AGAIN. this site help my motivation to getting my truck out of a 8 yr storage
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Thanks All for the replies. i did some checking on the chevelle site it looks like there is a difference with the windshields. I am happy to say that a older post found here got my sprint to start without having to lift the column shifter to the roof and bend the key trying to start it. adjusted the ignition switch AND NOW FOR THE BEST NEWS My sprint is running again new brakes all the way around 1 step closer to a new paint job then back on the road after 8 yrs in storage
Lenny, It was stored in a old warehouse here in Wisconsin. as to how? I am to embarrassed to say. lets just say if the economy forced me to do what i had to. at least she had a roof over her head
Thanks P8riot
Dont get me wrong I think this site is awesome. I have learned a lot from ECC. I guess i would rather hear nothing instead of I once had a 64 rambler and swapped the windshield from a 78 Lincoln continental was a little bigger so i duct tapped it in
oh and by the way...no a windshield from a wagon is a wee bit taller and a little to short to swap (unless you use duct tape) lol
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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