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I have a few days off from work. This time spent was devoted to getting my 72 sprint back on the road. days and evenings working on the vehicle nights and wee hours of the morning surfing this site seeking knowledge .thanks to all who take the time to share. I will admit i was disappointed in the replies as far as will a windshield from a wagon fit my truck. not so much as a WOW man i haven't a clue. being a introvert I am cool with that.instead of a quick reply i was able to spend hours going through old post learning things that i was unaware i needed to know THANKS AGAIN. this site help my motivation to getting my truck out of a 8 yr storage
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I wpould just like to assure the folks looking for info here that people DO read your posts. If you see a lot of views and no answers, it is not because people don't WANT to share info, we might not be ABLE to share info.

As for the glass swap post that got no replies, well, that is a highly specific swap issue that has probably not been raised before now. Please don't fault forum members for not having experience with your particular issue. We may be reading your question in our own search for knowledge, ideas, or tips, but not know how to resolve it ourselves.

Also, if someone asks for more information, try to provide it if possible. There is reason why they asked for the info. It might be because they have a possible solution or maybe some idea where you should look for an answer.

Most important, though, is to please not take the lack of a solution as a personal affront. I can guarantee that if someone who reads your post HAS a solution, they will be sure to give it to you. There is nothing more satisfying to someone who has knowledge than to pass it along and enable another Elky neighbor to fix the issue.

Ask me how I know this, lol. :beer:
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