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Year and Model: 1979 El Camino Conquista

Engine Specs and Modifications: Oiginally a 305 car, Had a '67 327 in it when I bought it, am installing a Mildly built 350

Drivetrain Specs and Modifications: TH350C currently stock frictions & Bands, Mild shift Kit, stock GM 10 Bolt (One-Leg wonder).

Suspension Specs and Modifications: Stock (For now)

Exterior Specs and Modifications: The Body is in overall Good condition. Minor rust through in Radiator Support. -Keep the Patina for now

Interior Specs and Modifications: Crying for help, Still looking at the options

Electrical Specs and Modifications: Stock, and in working order! no plans to change yet.

Since I've bought the car, I've pulled the Engine, Cleaned the compartment, and thought a lot about the possibilities, and, to make it a Street-Legal car, will take more time than $$$. So I have decided the best way will be the long route! Make it run, and drive it!:nanawrench:
So I'll pick up from there,

Empty Body,

A few days later, I get some time to Bolt the Engine & Trans together, Bend some new Transmission lines,

And slide it Home!

And, start assembling brackets.

I still have to paint the P/S Brackets, Pump, & Pulley. But the hood is on, and she's almost redy to fire!

More to come,


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Engine Install Complete!

I finally got a chance to finish the engine install today. all the brackets/PS Pump came from a 75 GMC 2500 and look quite factory in the engine bay. here's some more pics:

PS Pump lined up nice!

Front view.

And Ready to fire....,

She started immediately, good oil pressure, and never got hotter than 198*!

After getting insurance and a tag, it was off to the road test, which went very well(aside from a Weeping Heater Core). Now it's time for the next project... Traction!
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