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El Caminos in Movies & TV


"2 Fast 2 Furious": A 4th generation El Camino is seen in the background at a demolition derby.

"Almost Famous": An El Camino with woodgrain sides is seen on the way to a concert.

"American Me": A lowered 1970 El Camino.

"Anchorman": During a fight scene, a man gets thrown into the windshield of a 5th generation El Camino.

"Armed And Dangerous": During a chase scene, a blue El Camino is seen in the opposite lane stopping at a light.

"The Banger Sisters": Goldie Hawn drives an El Camino.

"Benie and Joon": Jonny Depp and a 1970 El Camino.

"Bandits": One scene in this movie with Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton shows a late 1960's vintage yellow El Camino. A light blue fifth-generation El Camino is also seen outside a bank.

"The Best of Times": Along with Robin Williams and Kurt Russell are several El Caminos of mid to late 70's vintage in the background shots of the town.

"The Big Fall": A 1970 El Camino is destroyed (crashed).

"Big Wednesday": Multiple El Caminos appear in this surfing movie.

"Bio Dome": Food is delivered to the Bio Dome by a red '64 El Camino with no tailgate.

"Bird On A Wire": El Camino (unknown year).

"Black Sheep": A '59 El Camino is in a scene with Chris Farley and David Spade.

"Blown Away": Lloyd Bridges drives a green fifth-generation El Camino with a shamrock painted on the side.

"The Bodyguard": Kevin Costner drives a fifth-generation El Camino.

"Bullitt": A 1968 El Camino is seen sitting in a garage in this movie starring Steve McQueen. A 1965 El Camino is also seen at the beginning of the famous car chase.

"Cheech & Chong's Next Movie": A lowered mid-'70's El Camino with hydraulics appears.

"Clay Pigeons": A '71 or '72 El Camino is driven by actor Vince Vaughan .

"Crossroads": A black '80s El Camino is parked outside the first motel that Britney Spears stays at.

"Dazed and Confused": 1977 El Camino.

"Dick": A red third-generation El Camino is seen driving in the background after the girls leave the school.

"Disturbing Behavior": El Camino (unknown year).

"The Driver": A 4th generation El Camino is seen briefly during a chase scene.

"Duel": A 3rd generation El Camino is seen downtown two minutes into the movie, and a 2nd generation El Camino is seen on a highway ramp about 3 minutes later.

"Enemy of the State": 5th generation El Camino, driven by Gene Hackman.

"Equinox": A brown 1983 SS El Camino.

"Exit Wounds": Steven Segal drives an early '70s black El Camino that gets blown up at the beginning of the movie.

"Face Off": A 1970 El Camino is seen briefly in this movie with John Travolta and Nicholas Cage.

"Five Easy Pieces": A white 1964 El Camino is seen briefly in front of Jack Nicholson's car in a freeway traffic jam.

"Fled": A 5th generation El Camino is driven by Salma Hyek.

"The Fog": A white 1970 El Camino appears in the opening scenes, and on the movie poster. Reportedly, it was wrecked a few years ago on a foggy night.

"Follow the Stars Home": [Hallmark] Kimberly Williams drives a yellow & black 1969 SS-396 El Camino..

"Forrest Gump": Glimpse of a 3rd generation El Camino.

"Four Brothers": A two-tone green '76-'77 El Camino is flipped and destroyed.

"Gator": Several scenes show a mid-'60s El Camino in this movie with Burt Reynolds.

"Gone Fishing": Joe Pesci & Danny Glover ride in the back of a fifth-generation El Camino.

"Gleaming the Cube": A green '70-'72 El Camino is seen in this movie with Christian Slater.

"Gone In 60 Seconds"(original): Glimpses of several different El Caminos.

"Gone In 60 Seconds"(remake): A student driver backs into the side of a mid-'70s El Camino.

"Gremlins": A mid-70's El Camino drives by during the opening credits.

"Halloween 3": A 4th generation El Camino backs over a man during the first few minutes.

"Heat": A 5th generation El Camino appears.

"Herbie The Love Bug": A second-generation El Camino is seen briefly outside an exotic automodile dealership.

"Herbie: Fully Loaded": A yellow 3th generation El Camino with a black vinyl top and 1969 SS side stripes is seen briefly racing with other cars against Herbie. Later at night, the same El Camino is seen in the background behind Herbie at the desert race track. A nice 1980's El Camino is also seen.

"High Ballin'": A practically indestructible GMC Caballero.

"Hollywood Knights": 1965 El Camino.

"Harold and Maude": Harold and Maude drive a 68 elky with a tree in the back and have a run-in with a motorcycle cop.

"Hooper": A 3rd generation El Camino is driven by Jan Michael Vincent in this movie with Burt Reynolds about stunt men.

"Independence Day": A mid-'70s El Camino is seen outside a bar.

"The Italian Job" (modern version): The mechanic drives an El Camino.

"Its All About the Benjamins": An early '80s El Camino crashes through a building.

"Joe Dirt": A mid-'70s El Camino is driven by Brandy's father.

"Joshua Tree": With Dolph Lundgren. An El Camino(unknown year) is seen.

"Jeepers Creepers": A dark blue 1985 GMC Caballero is seen outside a diner at night.

"Lean On Me": A 5th generation El Camino is parked next to Morgan Freeman's character's Monte Carlo.

"Little Fauss and Big Halsy": In this 1970 move about motorcycle racers, late in the movie Michael Pollard takes pictures of his bike with a silver 1969 El Camino backing up in the background. A little later, Robert Redford walks by a Monaco Orange 1969 SS-396 El Camino.

"Lords of Dogtown": Early in the movie a yellow 1970 El Camino drives by.

"Love Field": Michelle Pfeiffer has a 1960 El Camino.

"Love Song": (An MTV movie). A 1965 El Camino is in one scene.

"Liar, Liar": A white 5th-generation El Camino is seen at an impound lot when Jim Carey goes to pick up his Mercedes.

"Magnum Force": A '66 El Camino drives by Harry Callahan's (Clint Eastwood) apartment as he disarms a bomb.

"The Mexican": Bradd Pitt drives a 1969 El Camino.

"More American Graffiti": A 1964 El Camino tows a race car.

"Mr. Wrong": A tan/brown 4th-generation El Camino is seen.

"The Outsiders": A brown 1964 El Camino is seen at the Dairy Queen.

"On Any Sunday": Early in the movie a red 1970 SS El Camino with a black top is seen briefly, and later a yellow 1967 El Camino with a black vinyl roof is seen at a race.

"Pet Cemetary 2": An El Camino (unknown year) is seen in the ending scene.

"Phenomenon": John Travolta rigs a 4th generation El Camino to run on fertilizer.

"Pink Cadillac": Clint Eastwood, driving a pink 1959 Cadillac, has a run-in with a mid-'70s El Camino.

"Playing God": A third generation El Camino appears with David Duchovney.

"Play It To The Bone": Antonio Banderas drives a fifth-generation El Camino.

"Point Blank": Keanu Reeves jumps on a white mid-'70s El Camino during a foot chase.

"Pulp Fiction": A black El Camino is seen outside the diner in the last scene.

"Quick": 1970 SS-454 El Camino.

"Robocop": A dark blue 1980 Royal Knight El Camino is seen near the beginning of the film while the two cops are talking outside.

"Rock Star": A red '64 El Camino, and a red '70 El Camino with black stripes.

"Rocky II": Rocky's neighbor has a third generation El Camino.

"Sandlot": A 1960 El Camino is seen briefly during the junkyard dog flashback scene.

"Scent Of A Woman": El Camino (unknown year).

"Silence of the Lambs": A dark-colored 1967 El Camino is seen about an hour and a half into the move when the agent parks behind it.

"Six Pack": About 10 minutes into the movie, a 4th-generation El Camino gets into an accident.

"Stripes": A fifth generation El Camino with a cap is seen in the background in one scene.

"Suburbia": In this 1984 Penelope Spears movie, the villains drive a blue 1970 El Camino. They also make mention in a scene that they work at a GM plant that is closing down. The El Camino is used in many scenes though out the movie and appears to be in excellent condition.

"Sweet Home Alabama": A '76-'77 El Camino is seen when Reese Whitherspoon comes out of a bar.

"Terminator II": A red mid-'60s El Camino with a hood scoop.

"There's Something About Mary": Several 5th generation El Caminos appear in the background of the opening scenes.

"Two Lane Blacktop": James Taylor races against a black 1970 El Camino. This movie also features many other interesting cars.

"Up In Smoke": A 1964 El Camino almost hits Cheech & Chong's car, and a '72 El Camino is seen in a parking lot. An early '70s white El Camino drives by a window 48 minutres into the movie.

"Wayne's World 2": When Wayne is leaving waynestock to find his girlfriend, there is a second generation El Camino in the line of cars waiting to get into the concert.

"White Lightning": A blue 1966 El Camino is seen several times in this movie with Burt Reynolds.

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General TV Shows:

"24": A 2001 episode shows a 1981? El Camino.

"Chips": Several episodes show a cream colored 1972 El Camino in the background.

"The Cleaner": One character drives a 5th-generation El Camino in several episodes.

"Crossing Jordan": The main character (Jordan) drives a 1968 El Camino.

"The Dukes of Hazard": The first episode had a 1971 El Camino.

"Home Improvement": (Episode 132, first aired 22 October, 1996): Tim goes to a used car lot to buy a car for Jill and the salesman offers him a yellow 1968 El Camino with a 327 V8.

"In the Heat of the Night": Several episodes show El Caminos.

"Jackass": (MTV show, various episodes) A red & black 1972 SS El Camino and a fifth generation El Camino.

"King of the Hill" (animated): In the episode "******* on Rainey Street", Hank's neighbor quits his job and buys an El Camino.

"My Name Is Earl": (multiple episodes) The main character owns a 4th generation ('73-'77) El Camino.

"Prison Break": An escapee steals a 5th generation El Camino.

"Push, NV": One woman character drives a '68 or '69 SS El Camino.

"That Seventies Show.": Some episodes have shown a black '67 El Camino with American torque-thrust wheels. Another episode is about one of the teens negotiating the purchase of an El Camino (but it wasn't shown).

"Walker Texas Ranger": One episode has four bad guys in a 5th generation El Camino. In another episode,Walker drives a blue 5th-generation El Camino.

"The Wonder Years": A 1959 El Camino is seen in the opening credits. One entire show was devoted to the El Camino, a "suburban lawn car" that the kid owner never gets around to fixing.

"Wings": The Roy character drives an El Camino.

"X-Files", "Paper Hearts" episode: A white 1966 El Camino.

"X-Men Origins: Wolverine", The Wolverine drives a 1965 El Camino.

Automotive TV Shows:

"American Muscle Car": (Speedvision) One episode features several stock muscular El Camino.

"Crank & Chrome": (TNN) One episode has a '79 El Camino on a dyno.

"Monster Garage": In one episode, they ruin a nice 1971 big-block SS El Camino by building it into a figure 8 racer. Then it gets broadsided less than two laps into a race.

"My Classic Car": (Speedvision) Episode #026113 features a Nevada Silver 1971 GMC Sprint SP-454.

"Overhaulin'": One episode shows a '70s vintage El Camino done up for a surfer.

TV Commercials:

MacDonald's: A commercial promoting a Disney movie shows a blue 5th-generation El Camino at the drive-up window.

Pepsi: A fifth-generation El Camino is parked in front of a Pepsi machine when convicts from the neighboring penitentiary tunnel under it. Seen during the 2001 Superbowl.

Target: A 2001 commercial for this retailer shows motorcycles, leather jackets, and a bright red '70 El Camino, reported to be an LS6 4-speed.

Volkswagon: A 2000 commercial shows some guys strapping a mattress to the roof of the VW. They try and jump in the car when the light turns green, but the doors are tied shut. They should have bought the El Camino that is visible right in front of the VW, then they wouldn't have any such problems.

Wendy's: One of their older commercials showed a pro-street '69 El Camino.

Music Videos:

Gary Allan, "The One": Gary Allan drives a black 1969 El Camino.

Beck, "Girl": Beck drives a 1972 "SS" El Camino, yellow in back and blue in front with white hood stripes.

Blink 182, "First Date": A cream colored '72 El Camino is seen across the street from the band.

Brandi, "What About Us": A later model El Camino with hydraulics.

Diamond Rio, "Walking Away": A blue 1959 El Camino. The exact song tile is yet to be verified.

Joe Diffy, "There's Something Women Like About a Pickup Man" (circa 1991-1992): A medium green 1971 GMC Sprint SP hauls the band around. It appears to be a big-block with Cowl Induction.

Pat Green, "Feels Just Like it Should": Shows a 1970 El Camino. The song also includes the line "Let's jump in my El Camino".

Metallica, "Fuel": An El Camino is shown racing another car.

Kenny Wayne Shepard, "Touble Is...": A beat-up black '70-'72 "SS" El Camino tows a guitar-shaped trailer with Shepard on it.

Uncle Kracker, (song title unknown): Two El Caminos- a third generation and a fifth generation are seen.

Wheezer, "Beverly Hills": A 4th generation ('73-'77) El Camino is seen several times.

El Caminos in Songs:

Ani DiFranco, "Marrow": "...cuz i got tossed out the window of love's El Camino and i shattered into a shower of sparks on the curb you were smoking me weren't you ?..."

Eazy-E, "Boys In The Hood": "...a car pulls up who could it be, it's a fresh El Camino rollin' Kilo G..."

GranDaddy, "El Caminos in the West": "El Caminos in the West, we're all collapsed and futureless,
I'll paint the words a simple wish, for peace of mind and happiness..."

Lucinda Williams, "Lake Charles": "[cruising around Louisiana] ...in a yellow El Camino, listening to Howlin' Wolf..."

SheDaisy, "Lucky For You": "...key the El Camino that you love so much ...".

Sum 41, "Fat Lip": "...stumblin into the party like my name is el nino, and im hangin out drinking in the back of an el camino ...".

Ween, "El Camino": "...El Camino -- blazing down the road, El Camino -- ah, she's fast, never slow, El Camino --conquest of the night, El Camino -- Aztec machine speeding to the light..."

ZZ Top, "Mescalero": "...Mescalero El Camino Ford Ranchero..."

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current "yelp" tv commercial "deer in headlights" - blue gen 5

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In the next to the final episode of the most recent season there are several Elkys. a couple of the different generations . The one the "shooter kid" drives is an SS. I believe there are four different Elkys. What I find pretty cool is when they see the cars, a couple of the main characters say "El Camino!!!!!!!!!!". It is followed by a pretty great scene where the shooter locks the steering wheel, opens the door, and leans out to shoot a drone. It was one of the few times I have seen in pop culture that explicitly refers to the El Camino and then shows it being driven.

Regardess of what you think of the show, that last five minutes of that episode is worth the watching for any El Camino afficianado.


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Lets not forget done deal Donny's yellow rose in drowning pool video.

Latest is episode 1 of rockin roadsters show on discovery channel where Jinmmy Shine builds Billy Gibbons a [grocery getter] 5th gen with lowrider paint job, louvers on hood & tailgate , etc.

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Hate to admit watching old episodes of chips, emergency, Rockford files and old mod squads,and there's countless scenes with nice 72 elcos,1 even had my stock color. lots of classics, 71 novas and chevelles galore. 64,5 and 6 elcos. Wish
I could have scored 1 new back then but didn't buy my first car until 74 (wound up with a 55 wagon for 200. not a nomad) and I think after 72 American cars got ugly and after 74 got cheap flimsy and light weight, man you could stand on the fenders of a 72 and older without messin em up.
Try that on a 75 and newer and see what happens.still don't prefer newer cars although the new chalenger is good looking but looks aren't everything.

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saw this commercial today, It's for Sonic fast food chain, which featured what I think is a custom El camino. it looks like a 5th gen but has tail lights on body instead of bumpers. looks pretty cool. It's really funny too. its all about el caminos being a car and a truck AND a chick magnet!! here's a link

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after pausing it on the shot of the car, I don't know what the hell it is. actually looks more like a 2nd gen with custom nose and tailgate? tailgate and bumper almost looks photoshopped or something. strange.

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The hood in that Sonic commercial looks like a 1969 or 1970 SS hood with chrome inserts on hood scoops. but the back looks 5th gen until I looked at the back closer, its got 70ish doors and no back window on side door and 70s rear bumper but odd taillights not 5th gen and not 70s.

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The hood in that Sonic commercial looks like a 1969 or 1970 SS hood with chrome inserts on hood scoops. but the back looks 5th gen until I looked at the back closer, its got 70ish doors and no back window on side door and 70s rear bumper but odd taillights not 5th gen and not 70s.

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Actually the hood looks a'68 or '69, not sure what to make of the scene they show the whole el camino? They might have done some sort of CGI to make it look they were in a classic vehicle for the commercial....

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i have a pic of the sonic el camino, not sure what its made from , the tail lights looks like the 84 to 87 s 10 blazer tail lights , the doors look kinda funny , like they don't fit to well . i will see if i can load the pic ......


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T V show Desert Car Kings in Arizona has El Camino's every where , i think they said they have more elks than any other vehicle .

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