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I would like to thank everyone who came out and helped make this show the best yet! Special acknowledgment needs to be given to Geno, Blanchard, and my parents for all of the hard work they put into the event.

Geno, you are THE MAN! :You_Rock: Geno was able to secure numerous sponsors, items for raffle, and even put them all together and organized them for us.

Blanchard, without your efforts and involvement, this event would not have even taken place. Blanchard secured the riverfront for us, worked tirelessly to prepare one of the best meals I've ever had, and welcomed us to his gorgeous home. Plus, he organized the cruise and lunch after the event.

My parents helped me by providing transportation, assisted with the booth, drummed up raffle ticket purchases, and helped setup and take down everything.

Thanks again to all of those who helped out with the take down, and I hope everyone made it home safe and sound.

Until next year...KEEP KRUIZIN'! :driving:

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I thought i would post some of my pictures of the gathering.
I also would like to thank Blanchard for his hospitality and his cooking skills. You couldn't have asked for a better venue to have this gathering.
I also want to thank El Camino Jeno for all his sponsorship gathering. Man, that goodie bag and door prizes were enormous and showed that he spent numerous hours on the phone. Way to go Jeno.

Sorry, I missed the final lunch. I think my ignition module has gone out. I thought it was a carb flooding after I let it set for several mins but now I am not getting any spark.

Anyways, enjoy the pictures.
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