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So I think my first poll was on this very topic, NECOA website or FB and it was a slam dunk for the website, 90% over 18% for FB. I have been a member since 08' a year before I joined FB and like I said in my poll question I had not really used the website very much in years. I wasn't a dislike for the website but more FB was just easier or more accessible at the time. But over time and with help from Steve (87next2last1) I realized there is a huge difference in the two, the website is a 100% devoted to El Camino lovers and yes GMC conquistador and sprint lovers ! The issue with the FB page is that it can quickly become more about other topics and decisions that aren't El camino based or even car based. I still think FB has it's part in the goal of getting information to help out our members to find parts or cruise meets or shows and share picture of video's. But the website will always be the home for El camino lovers and all is members will continue to make it great.
You're right about this site being so much better than the FB page. They both have their place. I'm just thankful Steve is moderating the FB page! I've seen him kick out more than one bad apple!

I do wish we could work with the FB page better though. Would be nice to connect with more local owners and maybe organize a few meetups/cruises every year. Each region is pretty large so maybe we could post a page to help us find more locals? I don't know how to do something like that maybe someone here does?

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