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More garage cleaning out. These are a few more leftovers from my '84 Conquista project:

Horn pad emblem. The usual hairline cracking at various locations around the edges but still nice. Second version woodgrain with medium blue trim around the Malibu logo.
NOS interior rear upper window trim clips. GM 20061050. I think at least one of these is NOS, the other three may be aftermarket like Auveco, but I no longer have records of part numbers.
NOS tailgate top molding clips (2) 20596115.
New upper body side molding (two-tone) clips RPO D91.
Window exterior molding clips: I forget application if they were front or rear glass.
Clock/odometer knob, screw.
Grill fasteners with T15 screws.
NOS B-pillar trim clips 3066260 (2 NOS, one used)
Windshield antenna cable.
Glove box lamp assembly.
Cigar tray lamp assembly.
New interior front upper window trim clips (5).

Free for the cost of mailing. USPS Priority Mail box. PM/conversation me if interested.

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