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First show of the year this weekend???

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So who all wants to go with me to Monthly Muscle car show this weekend? I think I'll break out the (Old Gray Lady) and see if she can't bring home a trophy!!! If nothing else it will get her in front of some potential buyers!!!
It will be a good chance for us to sit around and talk smack about all the rest of the regions!! And a good way for some of you new people to meet us old dogs!!
You don't have to enter the show to be there!!!
But remember if I was man enough to take this

you can bring anything!!!!
Link http://www.monthlymuscle.com/
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Can't Go - I think??

Sorry, Donny, but I still do not have the Burgundy Lady buttoned up. I sure wish I could make it. :dontknow: Let me see what I can do :dontknow: if they take the rain out of the forecast ....................Ken :texas:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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