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Flex Plate Question

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I have a cracked flex plate. Can a crack flex plate make a motor knock or make it sound like it's knocking?
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Yes it will make it knock...
Mine was cracked all.around and i still took it to belton last year and whooped up on everybody...cheers
this year was fsstest small.block 2yrs running...:beer:
That wasn't the brightest idea. You wouldn't be bragging if you broke it and damaged you trans pump and got towed home. :poke:
nope i wouldnt but i did so i am:poke:and plan on doing so next year as well:poke:so bring yours, i am a equal oppoturnity whoop ass man wnen it comes to putting trucks back in the pits and on the trailer so bring it :poke::beer::texas:
as u see that will make a knock sounded like it was coming apart
but a new one solved the problem:beer:
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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