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Up for sale is my 1966 Chevy El Camino. It comes with the standard V8 283 engine with a Powerglide automatic transmission. My family has owned this El Camino since the early 80's. It was fully restored to mostly original specs which include a completely rebuilding the original engine, and new paint job that was striped all the way down to the metal, and all new interior. A lot of the chrome is original (46 years old) while other pieces needed replacing from Original Parts Group Inc. The restoration is some 20 years old however doesn't look like it. There are a few scratches in the paint, and no dents. The interior is completely brand new except even though the carpet was replaced it got faded over when summer when my father failed to keep in the garage...So here are the things you will enjoy:

- Super strong 283 engine (less than 30k miles estimated)
- Dual Headers
- Dual Exhaust
- Very nice interior to include new leather bench seat and door panels
- I have the original radio
- Nice paint job

Some things that it needs:

- A new main transmission seal
- new vacuum advance
- brakes
- solenoid (starter is working)
- maybe some new stiffer springs because with the wider wheels/tires, they rub when going over big bumps

This El Camino is very nice condition and has been mostly garaged for the last 15 years. The reason why I am selling is because I just do not have any interest anymore. I am hoping to find a nice home for someone who will enjoy and have fun with this car without destroying its originality. To give some perspective Chevy only produce 5,897 of these standard 283 V8s while producing nearly 25,000 of the custom V8 with the big block engines. I do have more pictures if you would like. I look forward to hearing from you.

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This post will probably get deleted.

Not only is it in the wrong section but you can only post to the for sale forum after 50 posts.

This requirement eliminates people joining only to try selling their car.

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I like the line about "ONLY 5897 Standard v8 Elkys built.

Even in the 60s most people stepped up to the Malibu trimmed cars (ElCamino custom), with over
20,000 cars.

Note---you don't see all that many Chevelle 300s either-----cheap ass cars with no frills
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