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I have a pair of OEM 1971 SS fenders. They came on EL Camino ordered into Ricardson Chevrolet In Houston Texas in 1971. These fenders had only one paint job over original paint underneath. when I stripped these fenders down the original Sandlewood paint was still there. The only problem w/ these fenders was the bubbling on bottoms from leaves and stuff that has a habit of collecting in lower fenders. I ordered a set of patch panels from a company I think was in Michigan or Wisconsin but they made them in house and were very nice pieces. I welded these new one's on but never finished the body work. Like the fenders I just took them down to bare metal "No other Rust anywhere" and primed them w/ PPG DP74LF epoxy primer.I finished the resto on my ElCamino a few years ago and decided now to get rid of all the extra parts I collected during the 13 yr project. I will be placing a couple of ads w/pictures and anyone wanted more pictures or details just ask and I will email them to you. The cost of these fenders is not cheap. if I could get a thousand for pair I think that would be good since repops are $500 to $800 (dynacorn) for one. But I am gonna offer all my parts To my Brothers and Sisters of El Camino Central first and let you the members tell me what your willing to pay for any part. I have had an extremely great amount of help f/members while doing my restoration and now its time f/ a little pay back.
Thank you all, Tony
ps, I have more pictures just ask


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