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Edelbrock 3701 Performer intake manifold:
This manifold was installed on the 350 I will be swapping into my 66, the car it came out of was a 78 corvette which required smog testing here in california, since the 66 doesnt require it I have a air gap on the way. So I make it available to anyone here who may be in need of a smog legal intake.
This manifold will accept spreadbore carbs like the q-jet and the holley spreadbore - it will also accept the edelbrock squareflange carbs

Engine Block Style:Stock/OEM standard deck
Carburetor Quantity:One (square flange or spreadbore)
Intake Style:Dual plane
Basic Operating RPM Range:Idle-5,500
Intake Finish:Natural
Intake Material:Aluminum

This manifold is used but in excellent condition, it will fit 1st generation small blocks with standard bolt patterns (not vortech heads) it is equipped to handle EGR equipped vehicles and is thus emissions legal.

It also has the edelbrock EGR relocation kit that grants greater clearance from the carb for the egr valve. which is useful when running edelbrock carbs or raised valve covers.

In addition a brand new waterneck and TVS switches are also included.

$100 + actual shipping cost (if shipped)

I've got this listed on my local Craigslist but will delete the ad if someone here is interested

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