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Fuel delivery issue

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So my car didn't perform like I wanted it to in Belton due to it falling off at 4500 rpms from not getting enough gas. I race this car and get down on it a lot since its my daily driver but never has it acted like this. I rarely hit 4500 rpms on the street or just with everyday driving,but could a high volume fuel pump be the fix?
My engine can put out way more than what it is now,so any pointers are appreciated.:beer:
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i ran a 500 + hp 406 for over 10 years with the stock fuel system and a good pump. you have either a restriction or air leak somewhere in your system. gm sells a nice hv fuel pump that will feed all of the engine you can build.take the sock out of the tank and use a large inline filter ,replace all of the fuel lines with fuel injection hose .its heavier hose and wont colapse at high speeds like regular hose
gm sells pumps that runs 7 and 9 psi for use with and without regulators. i prefere mechanical pumps over an electric because of the electrics nature of failing without much warning
i use the gm #12355612 any chevy dealer can get for you it flows over 100 gph at 7 psi
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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