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If you are just pulling the engine, you can leave the trans attached to the crossmember and all you need do is remove the bellhousing bolts (6 iirc) and the torque convertor bolts (3) from below - remember to push the convertor towards the trans after the bolts are removed - it should move about a 1/4"

Six - two to either side of the motor and easy to access from below - 9/16" heads- the remaining two on top are a pain at the best of times, I've gotten to them either by a series of long extensions and a spring loaded u-joint from below, or literally crawling on top of the motor and using a box or open end wrench from above

Torque convertor bolts:
From under the vehicle have an assistant rotate the motor with a socket on a breaker bar or long handled ratchet via the crank snout bolt - you will be under the car ready to pull the three bolts that hold the torque convertor to the flex plate. These bolts will be tight and the assistant at the front of the motor will need to prevent the crank from turning while you apply the force needed to remove the bolts.
If your trans still has the sheetmetal inspection cover it will have to be removed first. once the three bolts are removed the convertor can be push just slightly towards the rear of the car, usually not more than a 1/4"

Have a floor jack with a piece of plywood or some other load spreader ready to place under the trans oil pan - this will support the trans when the engine is removed, The load spreader is there to prevent denting the trans oil pan. If the engine has to stay out for any length of time you can wire the trans up in place with wire coathangers and remove the jack - otherwise leave it there.

There are probably one or more engine ground straps, often either near one of the motor mounts or at the back of the engine connecting the engine to the firewall, keep an eye out for these, they can usually be better accessed after the motor is off the mounts and hung by the hoist.

Get a bunch of ziplok bags if you havent already for the various bolts.
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