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I wanted to post this here also in case anyone is interested:



Some of the guys over at Team Chevelle have arranged another group purchase(15% discount) on BMR's tubular rear control arms (for 64-72 chevelles & elcaminos)

These are real high quality peices. I just ordered a set of the lower arms for my 70, but a lot of guys are getting the uppers too. They have both the stock letnght uppers, and adjustable length uppers.

This Group Purchase/discount is only good on the 64-72 A-body arms, however, they do also have the same type of stuff for the 5th gen G-body's...
I believe if you can line up a minimum of 10 people to buy em at once, you can get them to setup a group purchase discount on those also...

Anyway- for the 64-72 guys, better jump on quick if you want a set of these, the max is 20 people on the group purchase, we're up to 10 now and it just started yesterday...

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