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Hello All,

Well finally got back onto the site after a long hiatus. I had moved out of state and finally got the elco out of storage and brought her home. Work is coming along slowly but faster than before. I'll be posting pics of the up to date work soon. Today was, however, a frustrating day. I began to redo the wiring and to save a buck I opted for the universal kit rather than the painless. Now I know why painless calls it that....the universal kit is a pain. One wire for some things rather than all the wires needed. Its just too basic for the job so it looks like I'll be spending the money on a painless after all.
As far as the body goes,(some of you may remember the mud pit that the body was) it is coming along nicely. The motor is near completion, just in need of the accessories put on and some odds and ends, but over all is nearly ready to start.
Its great to be back working on the car and hope to talk with y'all soon.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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