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Please Read!

Guidelines for posts and replies in the TRAVELER’S AID FORUM

The intent of this forum is that any NECOA member who has plans to take a trip by vehicle (any type) can post information about the trip, as in routes and approximate times at intervals of the route, at their choosing. This is solely for the purpose of seeking assistance from other members along this route, should the need arise. A post may be placed by the traveling member for simple advice about such things as good places to stop for food, fuel or lodging in a particular area. Local knowledge of road construction or hazards is also helpful information that can be offered to posting travelers by fellow members.

An example of a reply to a traveler might be: Please give me a call if you have any problems within 50 miles of exit (??). Or be sure to stop for fuel at (??) because the price goes up further along your route. The type and amount of any assistance offered is the choice of the member who replies to the post.

When any trip plan is posted it should be the responsibility of the traveling member to make contact with those who reply by PM or e-mail for exchange of personal information, prior to the trip.

When a trip has been completed the traveler should make a final post to the thread with any comments and note that the trip is complete. This will allow a moderator to then close the thread.

And remember nothing is private on the internet, any replies that include personal information such as, full name, home addresses, phone numbers and email addresses should be sent via private message to avoid receiving spam and unwanted telemarketer calls.

Thank you
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