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Help on the road.

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I am new here and am wondering if there is any kind of organized log of members who are willing to assist stranded Elkie owners? Addresses and available amenities from members who are willing to help. Good way to meet other Elkie enthusiasts, when I belonged to the BMWMOA there was such a publication. It gave names and addresses of members, and some details. Such as having a garage and tools, can provide overnight accommodation etc.


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Not that I know of as such, but like one member who recently went walk-about, he posted his trip here, with updates etc, so ppl here knew when he was on the road and where he was going, thereby arranging to meet ppl in advance.
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I did this ^^^^when I drove mine from NJ to Florida.
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That’s a great idea. I will be sure to post here when I travel.
I did it 8yrs ago on a 5k mile road trip from Tx to California and back. Met 1 of our members in Morro Bay for lunch
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