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Just to give the members of Region 7 a heads up, the Hot rod power tour will be going through here in june. This would be a great time for some of us to hook up and make a showing for Region 7, what do ya say?
Tuesday June 4: Memphis, TN
Wednesday June 5: Birmingham (Hoover), AL
Thursday June 6: Chattanooga, TN (Coker tire):nanawrench:

below is the link for the whole trip

Let me know if anyone might like to hook up and do part of this trip. Might even get some of the Texas group to Tennessee for this, since Thats where it starts.:dontknow:

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The 2018 Power Tour did come the southeast but a different schedule than shown above. Here were the dates/locations:

June 9 - Bowling Green, KY
June 10 - Chattanooga , TN
June 11 - Hoover, AL
June 12 - Hampton, GA
June 13 - Darlington, SC
June 14 - Raleigh, NC
June 15 - Concord, NC

We went to Hampton, GA (Atlanta Motor Speedway) for the day as spectators. It was free admission and we had a great time watching all the cars, seeing some drag racing and meeting new friends. Maybe our 1966 El Camino will be up for the "Tour" sometime in its future.
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