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I've been updating my electrical wiring and adding microcontrollers to give my El Camino some modern features. I replaced the door lock/ unlock relay with modern bosch style 5-pin relays. I created a diagram and attached it as PDF. The OG relays are a bit harder to find, and when you find them, they are expensive. I hope this can help someone save some time and money.
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I pulled the brown and gray actuator wires, the orange-black power wire, and the blue and black switch wires from the original relay in the passenger side kick panel into the glove box area.

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I removed the glovebox and mounted the relay to the body to the right of the glovebox. There's plenty of room to open and close the glove box.

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Relays below we’re purchase off Amazon

6 Pack Bosch Style 5-Pin 12V Relay Kit [Interlocking Harness Socket Holder] [14 AWG Hot Wires] [SPDT] [30/40 Amp] 12 Volt Automotive Relays for Auto Fan Cars https://a.co/d/8aeDJ7I

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Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this upgrade. I am in the final stages of swapping from manual to power windows and door locks so this really comes at an appropriate time. Where did you get your relays? Name and/or brands? Thanks!
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