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On my '65 I am removing the stock ignition switch, in its place will be a keyed on/off swtich, a lighted on off button switch for the ignition( I have a relay for the button switch, and a momentary toggle switch to use for the starter!
I want to be able to turn the key to unlock the power, use the button switch to power/ kill the ignition , and the toggle to light her up!
I have pink, red, brown, and purple wires to going to the stock igniton switch plug!
I would also like to the radio to work when the key is turned was well as when the button is pushed for igniton!
How do I wire this without a big roaring flame? :help:

Oh and just one more, Im also installing a new radio and have yellow and tan plugged wire coming out of the harness that says they go to the radio! Since the I dont have a plug with the new radio, what should I use and not use to power it? :confused2:

Thanks for any and all help!

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Brown is Accessory. Hot in ACC and in the on position. Purple is the starter solenoid to tell it to crank in the start position.
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