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Donnie, what is it you want? Ya wanna screech out from the start and slowly lose acceleration, or do you want a slower start with a smooth acceleration? If you're not using the computer, have a non-computer carb/dizzy, then whut ya have is whut ya gots. Now, I'ze knows ya wanna be fastest at Belton, and dat mite be your problem. Me, I could care less about losing money on burning tires off, and burning more push-o-lene. Iffin' I can get better mpg, I'm estatic. That's why I changed out an Eiand intake and Edelbrock for a q-jet Performer RPM and a MM-built q-jet for what I have: 350, stock cam, headers. Your decision to make, but I don't think you'll ever get what you want out of a stock 305.:smileyb:
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