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Ok a couple of questions, how do you determine a a real SS?
I saw both of these, the gold one claims to be an SS, but console an column shift?
........Thanks, Ralph:dontknow:

No such animal as a 66 or 67 SS ElCamino-----N EVER HAPPENED
68 was the first year for an ElCamino SS and was also the ONLY year
the ElCamino SS was it's own series of car.

From 69 on, the ElCamino SS was an option on a Malibu based car.

Pretty sure the console in that particular car was added later on.
It is a 66/7 auto trans console, but it cannot be factory as the
big gaping hole for the shifter and indicator is in that console top.

I have seen column shift consoles----and there is no spot for a shifter in the console top. (just saw a real nice ORIGINAL SURVIVOR 65 Impala SS with a 3 on the tree, 283, AC,, bucket seats and a console---way cool car)
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