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When you turn the key to start the vehicle do you hear a clicking sound from the starter?Try using a remote starter button to see if the starter is working or if you have enough room you can use a screwdriver to short across from the large post to the screw closest to the engine on the solenoid,this will activate the starter( make sure the vehicle is in park as this goes around the neutral safety switch and it will start with it in gear and is the same for the remote starter button).
Try unbolting the the steering column from the dash,lower the column down so that you can see the rod coming out of the upper column going to the ignition switch,then put your key in column and try to start while watching the rod to see if it is moving properly.If it is not working properly the rack for the key(it's inside the upper column)is worn out.If it is working properly remove the ignition switch from the column and use a small screwdriver to work the slide in the switch to verify the switch is not broken(if the switch slides without feeling the detents in the switch the switch is probably bad)If it works correctly put the switch back in the off position and remount it to the steering column,another possibility is the neutral safety switch,it is mounted on top of the column closer to the floor below the ignition switch for an automatic trans with column shift( some automatic cars have linkage from the transmission(floor shift)that come back up to the steering column and the neutral safety switch is mounted the same as a column shift.If yours is a floor shift and has the linkage from the tranny to the steering column check to make sure the linkage is working correctly or the neutral safety switch will not be in the correct position to allow it to start.
Don't rule out the starter itself unless you pull it off and have it and the solenoid tested.
There are more possibilities but these are some of the basic ones.I hope this helps you.
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