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Love Ormond beach and it's the home of the Daytona speedway ! I grew up as a teenager in Sarasota but northeast Florida as been a great place to live ! Hope to see you at our yearly meet at the home of the Gator nationals, Gainesville Fl. !

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Rob , it has been good hearing from Skinyfisher that you have finally been able to find a home . He told me how hard it was for you in this crazy real estate market Hopefully your new location will allow you to participate in such an active area and be where you can drive to attend others . Keep in mind that several members are talking about again attending the St. Augustine Museum Show that will be up the road from you . Congrats again :)

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LOLOL I was in Colorado for 22 years. I posted a picture from that time LOL

And I look forward to seeing what the East Coast of FL Car Scene has to offer.

Rob, Is that snow in that picture?
yeah, I saw that too! zoomed in on the pic, seems to be Colorado plates, checked his profile...yep Colorado. vaguely recalled him being in CO

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Use FLACARSHOWS for events in your area. The Daytona area is pretty active including the Turkey Run and Spring Turkey Run where you can spend days walking thru over 6,000 cars and the swap shop.

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Check out East Coast cruisers.

A monthly in NSB and another at One Daytona.

Pat and Sissy are really good people.
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