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We have some very important news about NECOA to report to our members:

The Officers and Directors of the club have voted to adopt a set of By-Laws that will formalize how the club's affairs shall be managed in an orderly and open manner, and sets terms of office, as well as providing for periodic elections. Those By-Laws went in effect as of November 4, 2011. A copy is attached for your reading: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/44591338/NECOA%20By-Laws%2C%20adopted%2011-1-2011.doc

At that same time, NECOA formally registered as a non-profit corporation under the laws of Massachusetts, and obtained a federal tax identification number which will allow us to open a bank account, receive income, and establish a club account with Paypal.

We have also formally applied to the federal Internal Revenue Service for tax-exempt status as a non-profit social club. That application may take some time to be approved. If we gain tax-exempt status, it will allow us to use the royalties from our merchandise with Zazzle to promote NECOA activities without tax; to avoid having to file annual tax returns; and to accept contributions through PayPal at lower cost.

All of these steps will put us on a much better business footing as we continue to grow. You will notice in the By-Laws that all of the Directors and Officers of NECOA (acting as a Board of Directors) will now be involved in decisions affecting the club through formal, on-line voting procedures. As is common with similar organizations, the general membership will not participate directly in those votes. However, a mechanism will be provided for your input prior to such actions so that your Regional Director or Deputy Director can hear your thoughts and opinions beforehand. Terms of office for all officers will be for two years, but allow for unlimited re-appointment or re-election. For the first time, the National Director (selected from the existing Board of Directors) will be elected by the Board every-other November, with the term beginning on January 1.

To comply with these new By-Laws, that election will be scheduled within a few days from now. You will be kept informed by threads in the "Site Topics" forum. In the meantime, we encourage every member to shop on our Zazzle store for NECOA T-Shirts, swag, and 2012 Calendars so that we will have funds for future expansion.

Thanks for your continued support in helping NECOA become the best car club in the nation. John Harris
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