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Intake Parts

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I just got a cool aluminum air cleaner & vent for the grill area...I need some flexable 4" tubing to connect them. I used some of the aluminum dryer vent stuff...real thin...

Anyone got any good ideas?

As soon as I can figure out how to load photos, I will include. :dontknow:
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If you don't mind the color, the stuff we use on airplanes has a wire reinforcemnt inside of it. The color is a sort of red.
It's available from Aircraft Spruce. It's listed as "duct" and available in many sizes.
www.aircraftspruce.com It comes in 4 types. And are called "Ceet, Scat, and Sceet etc. The one which would work for you is "scat" It's all expensive though ! Scat in the 4-inch size is $10.98 a foot !

Air Intake Tubing

Material desired depends on the length of run. I did a custom intake system for a motor home engine a few years back I found some bellows type hose connectors from an auto supply that had some neat stuff. I also used a 4 inch aluminum sprinkler pipe el and a straight run of aluminum pipe. If you have to use flex hose you might want to look at the hose that they use to transfer fuel from fuel trucks to underground fuel tanks. No kinking and no collapse with those intake parts.
The dryer venting is cheap/cheaply made.
Better off using some heating/cooling 4 inch flexible duct.
It won't fall apart as quickly as the dryer venting.

Thanx everyone, the SFX stuff looks cool....

I forgot about Aircraft Spruce & Specialty...Lots of cool stuff...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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