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The electricity to keep these things moving might be cheaper, but then you are limited to a not so large area of use if you have one.

Oh, hell, my battery won't get me there and back!!!

Battery replacement----could be extremely pricey in a couple of years.
2-3k in our electric forklifts and they only last so long----then you have the environmental fees on top of that.

Now, some EPA guys are gonna end up saying that it will cost about 10k to properly dispose of the spent batteries---then you gotta buy new ones, and in a few years they will probably cost upward of 7k, and that will probably be with Government subsidies trying to justify the use of electric cars.

That silly little Volt that cost a purchaser 47k to buy outright does not include all of the subsidies built into it.
This car is costing upwards of 80k to build-----and DAMMIT, I do not wish to help you pay for your car, and that is exactly what I am doing if you buy one.

Government should not subsidize these things----I am sick of helping to buy your new cars, houses and education.
I have to pay for all of mine with no help from the government-------everyone else should as well.
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