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Hi Don - I found this in my stash of e-mails. Hope it helps:

The basic responsibilities, or expectations, of a Deputy or Regional Director in our Association. We used to distribute a 2-page, single spaced document that had the candidates taking out the trash from their local automotive stores and shops. I’ve pretty much abandoned that document as the initial intro exposure – it scared off a lot of prospective leaders - in favor of some simple expectations. However, I have attached a copy for your perusal.

· Attend area and Regional events - “carrying the flag” of the NECOA - promoting the Association and its activities & initiatives
· Organize the Region or area members into a cohesive group/group’s that get(s) together regularly for meetings, shows, or other events. Encourage and assist members in organizing members in their areas.
· Keep in contact with the Region’s members to gauge their interests and needs that may be addressed by our Association
· Assist the Region or area members in finding solutions to their most pressing El Camino questions
· Respond to calls for information or action by the Association’s leadership
· Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
· See NECOA Action Plan here: NECOA Action Plan

That’s it in a few nutshells. There are other ancillary expectations that come with the title,or develop as a Region or area progresses from dead to alive, but a leader will recognize and handle those as they come up. The National Director (ND), Leo, is always available as an asset. We can furnish information from our membership database, going back to 2002, that can zero in on specific areas, Zip Codes, or wider areas that may assist in identifying both active and non-active (sleeping) members who may come out to play.
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