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Is it a 1983 or 1984 elky

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Hey everybody,

Noticed something on my VIN. My elky was built in the 4th week of December,and my elky is an 84 and the owner origional owner first wrote info down the owners manual in January of 1984. My question is was mine built on the last week of December of 1983 but sold as an 84 because it was so close to 1984?? Only thing i can think of?

Thanks guys

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Yeah as was said above anything from September on is the next year. But, when they introduce cars "early" it can get a little confusing. Sometimes they'll launch a car in the spring as the next years model. So that might say 4/12 for a build date but actually be a 2013. But keep in mind when that happens there was no 2012 of that model.
My 99 tahoe is another example. Built 10/99 it's still a 99 as the new body style wasn't available until 01/00.
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