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Knock in Motor

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Took my el camino into the shop to change the gasket on my intake, it had a small leak in the back from not being sealed properly and not torqued down to the require specs or sequence. That's what I get for letting a friend do it. Needless to say a waste of time and money. The shop sealed it and torqued it down and set the timing. Now the shop say I have a knock in the engine. I have never heard a knock before( Cam, Timing Chain, Pushrods, Lifters, Distributor and Spark plugs and wires have all been changed, flex plate is not cracked either). My question is could the timing still not be set right, could this cause a knock? Also they told me the my rockers was all loose but I torqued the down when I did the pushrods and lifters, but maybe not enough. Could this also be a source of the Knock? Thanks for all replies and comments.:dontknow:

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They said the knock sound like it was coming from the bottom end. But like I said before I never heard anything and Ive own this el camino since Jan. 2011. Also I was thinking how would they know my rockers were loose I just took it in for intake gasket and timing. now all of a sudden I have a knock and rockers are loose. what gives sound like a rip off to me too. I wont be going there anymore. I will pick it up tomorrow.:dontknow:
Donny, Nope I have never heard the sound in the year I've owned it. run real good to me. The shop never mentioned what could be the problem. When I walked in to pick it up from getting the gasket on the intake changed and the timing set. I ask hows it running, but was refering to the time, one of the guys said not good, the motor sounds like it have a knock in the bottom end and told me my rockers was loose.:dontknow:
Yeah they still have it. its at a place called tieken in San Antonio, I called today and they said it wasn't ready, I'm picking it up tomorrow no matter what. I'll let you know what I hear.
When I pick it up tomorrow, I tell them to show me what they hear.
Early tomorrow I will do all those things mentioned in all replies. I will post a follow up.:secret:
Just got my elky back, the knock is coming from a cracked flywheel and the flywheel is missing a couple of teeth, Do you think this is because I don't have a flywheel cover? Well off to the junk yard tomorrow to get a flywheel and cover for a TH400. Also what do yall think about setting timing by ear instead of a timing light, I ask them what did they set the timing at they was dumbfound and said we set it by ear. Should I take it back and tell them to set it by timing light 8 - 12 degrees BTDC? I'm not having good acceleration at take off. Could it be the TH400 is just to much for my V8 5.7L 350, the only mods I did was eldebrock cam and lifter set, new timing chain double roller, intake, hedders, eldebrock 1406 carb., new oil pump, new water pump and serpentine set up, pushrods. Will post pictire in a few.:let_it_all_out:
My car never made the noise I hear it have a clicking sound when I turn the motor off, right after about 30 sec I turn it off it goes click -click -click -click -click and its hard to start, now I get low oil pressure and I never had a problem with oil pressure, excuse my french but they f----- up my car man I'm P.O.'d:banghead::angry:
This is my educated guess. Since I didn't have oil pressure when I picked my car up from the shop and I had oil pressure when I took my elky to the shop, My guess is that when they was setting the timing, the rod (oil pump rod) that goes into the oil pump thats connected to the bottom of the distributor is not connected or not in there correctly and they started the engine with that not being connected and got knock around by the cam and may have messed some bearing up. This is why I believe I have no oil pressure, and I think the shop cracked the flex plate to cover the oil pump rod disaster. Does this sound logical. I took it back up there and told them I not paying anymore money, my car was not like that, and that I will not accept it back like it is. My next course of action Small Claims Court.:secret:
1980 Steelbeast,, remember I had my intake gasket changed too, so to do that the had to remove the distributor, my oil has not been in it for over 3000 miles, I have another car that I drive all the time, I use my elky to go fish'n so it doesnt get driven much, I drive it once or twice a week.
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