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Romantic as i am, me and my future wife have booked a flight to Illinois for our honeymoon.
But me wouldnt be me if i didnt seize the oppertunity to see if i can't score some nice parts for my Camino.
Saves me a whole lotta cash to take it with me in the plane, although im pretty sure it can't be something really heavy (i can forget about a tranny :( )

But i could sure use some nice wheel trim moldings or some chrome and preff a whole 69 grille would be nice.
I dont have special kinds of parts on my list. it all depends on the junkers that are available and whats left on them.
To give you a clue as to what i might need:
* Automatic brake pedal and accelerator
* All the linkeage parts to connect those to an automatic tranny
* Chrome moldings (wheel, side, window and bedliner)
* Front bumper guards (those things that hold your bumper in the right place that bolt on your frame)
* Steering column shifter automatic (incl. the little plate for the dash that shows if its in neutral, Drive, 1,2 etc)
* A/c related parts (like compressor and such)
* hardhat storage box
* and parts that would be spares like taillights, side lights, etc
* a complete grille (with chrome parts)
* some dash parts
* etc etc.

So would anyone know if there's a decent salvage yard in Illinois where i can salvage some parts on my honemoon (its in june)

Mail me if you know something! Thanks (rogier @ twelve.nl)

I'm also interested in junker camino's in Texas!!
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