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Region 22 of NECOA covers all of the provinces of Canada east of Manitoba. The position of Regional Director is presently vacant. Today there are 109 registered members living in this region, of whom 20 are active posters on ECC with more than 25 posts each.

We are considering changing our organizational structure to have each state or province become its own Region, in order to make it easier for events to be planned closer to where members live. This will also make it easier for someone to be a Regional Director.

Some of the top posters in Region 22 are: Uli; MR.CHEVY; 83ChooChoo; lugnut; andreman; Malice in Wonderland; elkyfreak; 47convert; Classy Blu Elky; camino1; COILED1; lawzy2; HW BAG; agrestik;Sodbustrjohn; RedneckGirl; rwd pete; carbuff34cars. Perhaps these individuals can help us get this vacancy filled in the upcoming weeks.

If members living in this region are interested in helping NECOA grow by planning local events and gatherings -- or would like to recommend someone for this -- please contact any of the officers of NECOA by PM. You can also discuss this topic either by a posting in the Region 22 forum or gathering in the ECC Chat Room.
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