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Making Cowl Induction hood functional

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I am restomodding my 83' Caballero, I have installed an LS1 with the factory fuel injection and want to make the cowl induction hood functional. I know there is no setup for this that I have found, so I would have to fabricate the pluming from the intake to the circle hole mounting in the hood. Is there anybody out there that has done this? Thanks for any help or ideas.
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Will the intake manifold fit in a reversed direction, so the intake is at the rear? That would be the only way to overcome a long restrictive intake tube.
The real advantage is not air pressure, but temperature. FI is sensitive to intake air temperature. I see so many with a K&N cone behind the radiator sucking hot air and that hurts.
Yeah, one of the side benefits of that Lauren nose is space under the headlight for an air filter. 95 Camaro filter box just fits. (y)
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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