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Making Cowl Induction hood functional

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I am restomodding my 83' Caballero, I have installed an LS1 with the factory fuel injection and want to make the cowl induction hood functional. I know there is no setup for this that I have found, so I would have to fabricate the pluming from the intake to the circle hole mounting in the hood. Is there anybody out there that has done this? Thanks for any help or ideas.
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The ‘05-‘06 GTO had a scooped hood that wasn’t functional, but a company made ductwork to fix that. If I recall correctly, though, it really wasn’t worth it. It made for some really tight turns in the air duct, didn’t add any power and in some cases caused trouble codes due to the short run and tight turns. Something about the MAF too close to the outside.
Thanks for the info, I was thinking there may be as problem with air flow and MAF sensor. I still want to try it though.
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