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Malibu Wagon

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Check it out..
Picked up a low mile all original.. minus the wheels.and hood 😊. 1983 wagon.. all original down to the wingnut on the air cleaner.. the seller also gave me the original wheels and tires and hood.
63xxx miles.. I am the 3rd owner.
305/th350/2:43 gear
The plan is to go thru the brakes.. fuel system.. suspension and a new set of tires.charge the air conditioning.. it blows cool not cold.. yet..😎. get it legal and safe to drive. Unsure if it will be a big inch small block or LS swap ..
Input is welcome..
Oh yeah.. we put a hot battery on it and some gas it fired right up.drive it home 7 miles. tags went out in 2015
Shout out to Minoridertim for helping me out.


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I bought a brand new 1983 Chevy Malibu wagon in 1983 . It had the 229 cu.in. V6 -2 barrel with automatic & it was loaded with options . Had trouble with the lockup converter , it banged real loud when it engaged . Other than that it was good , got 24 mpg on a long coast to coast road trip . I wish I'd got a V8 I would have kept it longer , only kept it 5 years , wish I wooda kept it longer .
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Thanks. It will be some time but when I get ready I’ll definitely give you a shout. The deal is in our hot rods.. all money comes from side work,, hustling ..ect so no real money comes from household account. So it takes a little longer.. I hope to run the stock 305 for a year or so while saving 💵.
That's what I said , when my 305 dies I will get a crate 350 . That was 13 years ago & 21K miles ago . 305 keeps running , same with tranny Th 200 , when it goes I'll get a TH350 , 200 still works .
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