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Malone ,NY

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hey guys and gals from region 1 anybody from Malone ,NY. area ?Was at a show there today and didnt see any other EL'S there. Oh ya took home a 3rd place trophy. :nana2:
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Im from Rochester NY Have friends in Malone Bob and Carol Drive a old Chvey pickup saw them Last sunday at Syracuse Nationals Im glad there is someone else on the #1 region Mark
Mark thanks for the reply I was starting to think that everyone in region one was asleep .Almost as bad as region 22 members...:wink:
Hi Don - Looks like you have to drive down to Region 2 in MA for some good times. Will see you at Sturbridge Village next month, right?? Bring along some friends.
Hi John, you can be sure I'll be there ,if the weather holds up. Now for bringing other EL'S its like pulling teeth up here to get any together. You wouldnt believe,its just sad ,thats why I come down to you guys . just so I can get together with other EL'S , no joke:violin:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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