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I just replaced the electric choke element on my Q-jet. Got it from Advance Auto. The electric type is easier to deal with than the hot air or divorced type.
If there's a problemg getting it adjusted, maybe the climatic spring is bad. A new unit would fix that. And simply adjusting the choke closed with a cold engine , is a place to start.

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To answer your question you PM'd me installation consists (roughly, as always, RTFM!):

1. Pulling off the black cap on the carb, where the wiring connects.

2. Reinstall using the manual choke.

3. wire the mechanism to somewhere in the cab. I chose just below the parking brake release.

4. use the enclosed hardware to hook it up to the choke.

Pulling it out ~3/4 inch closes the choke and pushing it in opens it up. Fairly simple process. Might be easier just to fix the electric. Mine was kinda borked so I just did it in a way that guaranteed it would always work.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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