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The passenger side mount is broken and I plan on changing both sides, just the frame mounts, engine mounts are new. I have checked the local chevy dealer and the oem mounts are $140 each. The price on line for reproduction mounts is about $15 each. I know they are a pain in the butt to change so I don't want to have to do it twice. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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John, I changed mine when I did my engine swap, and yes it is a pain in the butt... I think I got mine at NAPA or Advance either way they are more than the $15.00 on line but still a lot less than the dealer. If you get them from a local parts store you can see them before you buy them, never know what your going to get on line untill it shows up at your door. Might be some thinner metal made overseas junk and youre right you don't want to have to go thru changing those twice.
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