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I have the chance to get a Trans Am with the 350 with fuel injection as a complete running car. I was wondering what the difficulty of swapping the drive train into the El Camino. Also if done what needs to be done to the fuel system to run the fuel injection. I guess I am asking if this swap is worth th trouble.Any info on what needs to be done and what to look out for would be appreciated.

Just saw your post and wondering if you ever started this project?

I did my '87 Choo Choo 2 years ago. Here is a high level summary of what I transplanted into my EC:

- '87 IROC Camaro 5.0 motor, replaced the heads with ZZ4 aluminum and a ZZ4 cam
- used a Howell Engine developments wiring harness and a 7165 ECM, burning my own chips for it.
- '87 Monte SS 200R4 trans (rebuilt it before putting it in).
- '87 Monte SS 3.73 posi rear wiith the sway bar.

Over all is a nice setup. Runs well, still fine tuning the chips for the MEMCAL as the ZZ4 heads and cam push a little more gas into the 305, so still running a little rich. I also changed out the stock injectors from 19lb to 21lb to help compensate for the extra gas required.

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