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The NECOA EMBROIDERY STORE is now open to start ordering merchandise !!!!
There is many different styles, colors of merchandise

There might be a few bugs in the beginning of ordering to work out (hope not) So please have some patience, THANKS

Also the merchandise DOES look much better in person !

Shipping will have 2 options
The store will ship for $13 by UPS
I can pickup your merchandise (company is local to me) & ship USPS First class for cheaper
If you want them to ship you will have to call them (to pay for shipping) after you placed your order & paid them,
If you want me to ship cheaper just pm me your info (I will get an email on every purchase) & when I get the shipping cost to you, then you pay me by PayPal, mail check,cash,money order, once I receive payment then will ship your merchandise

Not sure on USPS shipping cost yet, maybe $6 ? (1 shirt) Instead of the $13 from the store ? Will learn the cost for more items.
I do know priority mail is around $11 if you want that option ?

For outside the USA members
Only option is me shipping to you
The ordering process will be the same,
Place the order & I will pickup , get shipping cost to you, pay me & will ship your merchandise

I'm just trying different options to save people money if they want, if this process doesn't work then we will change to the store will ship all USA orders

Make sure you order the right size (the ones that will/could shrink)

On red items the red text stitches will be grey. On black items the black text stitches will be grey.

Some members has said they would like their shirts, hats & other merchandise to match the color of their ride, There is many colors to choose from but you can call them & see if they can find some merchandise using paint codes ?
You can search by colors, Type color in the search box up top & will show all that is that color
Also you can call the store & ask for Art & he can search using your paint numbers 352 332-9877

I think I got everything covered ? so any questions PLEASE ask !

Here is the link to the NECOA store


Cricket cap Cap Baseball cap Font Hat
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If you are picking up, should we put that in the Special Instructions?
You can
Wow...so many options--selections, styles, and colors--for caps and collared shirts! I was going to quickly do an order before stepping outside to do some yard work...but had to put it off for another time.

I like the embroidered design. Thanks for your hard work Steve!
Yep can't do it quickly to go thru all the options to pick from,
all the different styles & prices
Over hundred different types of shirts & many hats just to name a few of the different merchandise
Did you place your order for some great NECOA embroidered merchandise ?
Orders are starting to come in
Sure is a bunch of different colors & styles to choose from
Some nice looking shirts with the different colors members are ordering
The website is overly complicated. I go through selections only to find there’s nothing in that category.
Haven't heard of problems with nothing in that category ??
PM sent !
The website is overly complicated. I go through selections only to find there’s nothing in that category.
very easy to navigate the website
Just click on which merchandise you want

then click on which merchandise you want

go thru the different style shirt till you find what you want

then click on the item you for the color & size you need

then add to cart to select the size & quantity you want
hundreds of items & colors to choose from
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Hi Steve,
I have no missed calls or voicemail from logo kick. She must have dialed the wrong number.
Hung up with her 5 minutes ago. My four pieces are done and ready to be picked up.
Please let me know how much postage is and how to pay you.
Again, thank you.
Just picked up a bunch of orders today, got some cool colors, tied up tomorrow, so friday I should be able to pick up, will get price asap

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