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Hey all you NECOA Members, we had a really good night tonight! Lot's of people came out and there were some fantastic cars there.

We need more NECOA NJ Members to come out to show off thier rides. :poke:

I was there with my newly acquired '72 SS 454 as well as Paul Michaelsen from Carteret in his '79 daily driver. Paul is the original owner and done some upgrades.

Hope Paul can chime in here and give us more info on his ride! :)

In addition to Paul, there was Jim Bullis in his '66 el Camino. It is all original with a 6 cylinder and three on the tree! Paul is not a member yet but he said he will join the NECOA ranks very soon. :newbie:

Visit the URL below for a few pictures of tonight's el Camino's:

http://s308.photobucket.com/albums/kk355/BSarte/NECOA NJ Meet - 31August2012/

Come NJ NECOA members, let's get active!

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