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1964 camino, 350 Vortec, 700r4
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Looking for "my last El Camino" and found a possible candidate but . . . there's a couple issues know nothing about and thus can't diagnose the problem. The seller tells me the car (an 86 Conquista) has a 700r4 - 4speed auto trans. He also tells me that the converter leaks when the car sits for a few days but when he starts it up and lets it run a minute or two that it will drive and shift just fine. His mechanic says he replaced "a valve" and it didn't fix it. Could it have been a modulator valve? The other issue is that the column shift lever does not "pop into" park. Could this be linkage or a return spring in the column? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I don't know anything about transmission work and even with this little bit of info trying to determine if these conditions might mean major problems or easy fixes.. Thanks a million..
The guy isn’t lying to you at least. My 700r4 did the same thing and it was brand new. If it sat for more than a week on an incline, the torque converter would drain onto the ground. Neighbors car did the same thing. Not sure why it happens. I just start my car once a week and problem solved.
But, I’ve since blown that tranny up by not connecting the TV cable and got it rebuilt. Doesn’t leak anymore, still don’t know why it did it. Long as your TV cable is correct (easy to do with the internet), then it should be fine for a long time.
Shift linkages get sloppy. Just go under the car and wiggle it around. I’m sure you’ll find lots of play which is easy to fix, either by ordering a new bushing kit, or just stacking washers everywhere until it’s tighter. The column shifter itself just freely sits there. It’s the transmission bracket and linkages that holds the actual shifter where it’s at. If you disconnect the linkage from the transmission, the shifter just falls. Everything you’re feeling when the shifter moves is the tranny itself changing gears.
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