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Although I am not an AC expert, I am a long time San Antonio resident and currently own a '72 SS without AC. The Vintage AC corporate HQ is about 20 miles from my house and many of my friends with tri-Five or early 60s Chevys run vintage AC & I have never heard a single complaint from any of them! I also have a 69 SS which is an original AC car but during the restoration, the original AC components were all replaced with vintage air (using original ducting & controls).

While doing some research for my '72 last year, I found out that the Vintage Air package is fairly reasonably priced (under $1200) but installation cost would bring the total price up to almost $2K.
The good news is the new units include digital controls that can be fitted in place of your old analog controls.

Although I am slightly predjudiced in favor of Vintage Air, I also have friends who are running other brands at a slightly less cost & are equally happy. Obviously, being right down the road from the factory makes it very easy to get replacement part or custom items.

My recommendation is check out all the aftermarket vendors. Like I said, I have never heard a bad word about Vintage AC and there must be several hundred cars here in SA running the old analog systems and the new digital stuff is definately a step up.
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